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Karla Alexander

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Karla Alexander...creative quilt designer, author and teacher



 ...You will be looking at your stash in a whole new way


 Thursday, November 15 … 6pm

 Lecture Fee: $20 

Join Karla for An informative discussion for quilt makers of all skill levels and experience.  You will be looking at your stash in a whole new way and actually start using your fabric rather than just admiring it.  Enjoy the confidence you'll gain exploring traditional and untraditional quilt methods by adding your own twist.  Tips will inspire excitement, creating unexpected surprises ready to be quilted into your next project! Challenge yourself to take small or bold steps as you learn to work with your fabric and create your own methods and styles.  A trunk show with lots of and lots of quilts will illustrate many different styles of quilts as well as subjects discussed.




1-Day Hands-On Class

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

Friday, November 16 … 10am4:30pm

 Class Fee: $65*

Explore a variety of spontaneous piecing and cutting techniques while creating one-of-a-kind quilt blocks. You'll learn to re-discover your own creativity while you work your quilt into your very own masterpiece. Choose a quilt suggested from a list of eight different projects and come ready to sew! You'll learn a variety of methods from cutting and sewing free-form bent lines, perfect quarter inch tricks, tips on color choices, as well as a variety of cutting and sewing methods that will be an added bonus to your bag of quilt tricks! Even if you've never sewn a curve before, you'll be surprised how awesome your blocks will be! Build your quilt one block at a time, taking time to evaluate your choices as you go.  Panera box lunch will be available for $12. *Book Purchase Required:  Color Shuffle, Stack a New Deck OR New Cuts for New Quilts all by Karla Alexander (price varies).

Choose from the following Quilts for this workshop:

Bent Out of Square                Electric Fence 

Red Onion                            Saturn

Somersault                           Argyle

Savanna                               Inferno

Windfall                               Giant Rail Waves                                          



1- Day Hands-On Class

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

Saturday, November 17 10 am – 4:30 pm

Class Fee: $65*

In the pages of Dynamic Quilts With Easy Curves, you'll find information for                                     many different techniques as well as design ideas sprinkled though out.  This book offers you the      choice of straight line or curved cuts; it's your call! If you are uncomfortable with curvy cuts – try the same block with a straight cut and see how you like it.  Follow the fabric requirements word by word or switch it up and make it your own with completely different colors and block arrangements. Work confidently using your instincts as you go. If you don't like a particular color or block arrangement – then don't settle; change it until you're satisfied. I like to build my quilts one block at a time and I encourage you to do the same.  Choose from 3 different and unique quilts for your class project.  Panera box lunch will be available for $12. *Book Purchase Required: Dynamic Quilts with Easy Curves by Karla Alexander ($24.99).  



Quilt designer and author, Karla Alexander lives in beautiful SalemOR, with her family.  Karla is the author of seven books since 2002: Stack the Deck! , Stack a New Deck!, New Cuts for New Quilts, Baby Wraps, Color Shuffle, Stack The Deck Revisited and Dynamic Quilts with Easy Curves.   She was a featured quilter on Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson in July 2002 and on the Quilt Show with Ricky & Alex in 2010 and has contributed to many other publications in her career.

In addition to her books, she has released her own line of patterns under the name Saginaw Street Quilt Company.  She has been a featured teacher at many quilt retreats and has taught thousands of students how to quilt using a variety of methods including her own stack methods.  Karla is also proud to be a designer for Creative Grids Rulers team. 

Karla’s philosophy regarding quilting is to enjoy the process, learn from your experience and take what you learn from one project on to the next. With all the many things to worry about, she believes quilting isn’t one of them, but rather a time to experience the “creative flow” and enjoy!


Visit Karla’s website to learn more at www.saginawstreetquilts.com