Building Beautiful Blocks, One Barn Board at a Time...

Abby Hicks of Tweetle Dee Designs will be here at Quiltique!

Paint your own original barn quilt with designer, author, and teacher, Abby Hicks.  Each class participant will leave with a completed barn quilt and the know-how and inspiration to paint many more.  Class fee includes your barn wood.

“A barn quilt is basically a large piece of wood that is painted to look like a large quilt block. We have a long history in our country of hanging barn quilts outside our homes and barns. They were thought to bring good luck and prosperity.  Some 200 years ago when there wasn't enough paint to paint an entire barn, women would take a pattern of a quilt block that grandma had made and would paint barn quilts to hang on their barns.  It was a way to decorate their farms and also was a source of family pride.” – Abby Hicks


Painted Barn Quilts

Friday, June 9th
5pm - 8pm
Class Fee:  $75

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Saturday, June 10th
10am - 1pm
Class Fee:  $75

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Learn more about Abby and her beautiful Barn Quilts at!