We, like most of you, have major love for Tula Pink! Her whimsy and imagination mixed with bold color choices make our sewing room a better place! Her fabric turns newbies into hoarders as we save every last piece of salvageable cotton for extremely special projects. She makes us feel young again as we adorn our bags with orange squirells and cuddle up under a quilt with neon jellyfish. Obviously, we were thrilled when she came out with her hardware collection, because it meant we could take the joy she brings us to any sewing project. These notions are a high quality that you can feel when you pick them up, they are durable and do the job they are intended to do, and they are a beautiful oil slick that makes each of them look unique. In one sentence Tula describes them by saying, "Forged from the highest quality German grade steel anchored with a 22k gold plated screw", and that sounds amazing to us! So let's dive in to her complete collection, and if you want to purchase any of them, just click the below:

 6” Duckbill Applique Scissor


Hey to all of our applique lovers, this one is for you: the micro-serrations will hold your fabric in place with no pushing and no snagging giving you a clean and accurate cut on all your applique cutting. They take the worry out of cutting where you shouldn't! BUY ME HERE

6” Straight Scissor6__Straight_Scissor

These 6 inch straight sharp point scissors have razor sharp blades that create an even cut along the entire length of the blade. Great for trimming fabric edges and threads closely, accurately, and quickly. You can use these for a wide range of projects, these are definitely a staple in any craft room. BUY ME HERE

Rotary Cutter 45m


This 45mm rotary cutter is ergonomic made of aluminum alloy and can be used by left or right handed people, plus it is possibly the prettiest on the market! It's curved handle design allows for even pressure while making clean cuts. It features a secure locking blade guard for safe usage and storage. This versatile cutting tool cuts fabric, leather, paper, vinyl, and more! When you need replacement blades you can get a 5 pack. BUY ME HERE or  BUY BLADES HERE

Large Ring Micro Tip 4” Scissor4__Large_Ring_Micro_Tip_Scissor

The Micro Tip Scissors are a great little time saving tool for your applique, sewing, quilting and embroidery projects. Great for snipping tiny hard to reach places. The large rings make it easy to slide in and out of the scissors. BUY ME HERE

*NEW 4 1/2” Swiss Style Tweezers4.5__Swiss_Tweezers

These Swiss Style Tweezers are one of the newest pieces of the collection! They have multiple uses like precise thread picking, a stiletto, it can remove stabilizer, and the back flat side is perfect for picking up crystals and stones. BUY ME HERE


6” Bent Trimmer6__Bent_Trimmer

This micro-serrated shear will give you no push, clean, and accurate cutting on all your fabrics from the most delicate to the heaviest. A must have for all sewing projects!

5” Curved EZ Snips5__Curved_EZ_Snip

These are a MUST for sewing at your machine and hand work! The curve allows it to perfectly fit under your presser foot and they are easy to pack around for EPP or hand-embroidery. The micro-serrated blades allow precision while trimming threads without fear of clipping or snagging your fabric. BUY ME HERE

*NEW 4” Mini Duck Bill Scissor


Another new piece to the collection! The applique scissors you know and love are now in a smaller size, which automatically makes them cuter, right? This unique size makes intricate trimming easy and efficient while protecting the base fabric. BUY ME HERE

8” Fabric Shears8__Fabric_Shear

A tried and true staple for any sewist! These fabric shears are available for left hand use  or right hand use (which happens to be on sale). They will cut through any fabric with ease and last for years to come, so say hello to a new version of your old bestie. BUY LEFT HAND HERE or BUY RIGHT HAND HERE

5 1/2” Surgical Seam Ripper5.5__Surgical_Seam_Ripper

If you needed any further proof that Tula is one of the coolest girls in the industry, look no further than her seam ripper. The name alone with 'surgical' makes us feel so much more hardcore while we are taking out our stitches. This is not your normal style seam ripper, and you will not regret trying it out. BUY ME HERE

*NEW 4 1/2” EZ Stitch Snip With Hook Blade


Another newbie that will soon turn into a piece you can not live without! These snips have a hook blade that allows you to get under small stitches and prevents any accidental cuts. They are perfect for left or right handed users with a spring action. Tula notes they can be used for "snipping stitches or cutting tail end off threads and knots for needlework, embroidery, and quilting. BUY ME HERE

So you agree that these are some of the coolest pieces of hardware you have seen, right? Leave a comment below telling us what your favorite piece is.

Hugs & Stitches!