Koala Information


You find serenity while sewing and take pride in the projects you create, but does your sewing studio give you the same sense of satisfaction?

Koala Studios complement your home as well as your creativity, providing a luxurious area for sewing with unsurpassed quality and unmistakable beauty. 

Most importantly, Koala Studios are custom built for you.  From the height and color to the storage and surface areas, each Koala Studio is more than a home for your machine...it's a reflection of you.

Here at Quiltique we have a large variety of these wonderful studios on our showroom floor, if you cannot make it in, view the videos below for more Koala information:

The Studio Advantage:  Video One

The Quality Advantage:  Video Two

The Design Advantage:  Video Three

The Customized Advantage:  Video Four

The Convenience Advantage:  Video Five

The Storage Advantage:  Video Six

The Service Advantage: Video Seven

The Accessories Advantage:  Video Eight

The Koala Dream Studio