Summer is officially over, but that doesn't mean that the fun has to end! If you were unable to make it to our shop in your Summer travels, we have good news...You can still get our Row. This years theme for the Row by Row Experience was 'Sew Musical' and we think ours was absolutely fitting. We did an 'Ode to the King' and made a laser cut kit of Elvis, you can even add an embellishment kit if you want yours to be really fancy. You can purchase your kits today, and they will begin shipping November 1st. If you have any questions about the Row by Row Experience or to see a list of participating shops, click HERE. You can also view the Nevada Row by Row Facebook Page HERE or if you have any questions specific to us and our products please email
Now it it time to really make your Row dazzle by giving it some Las Vegas charm. Click HERE for the Finishing Kit which includes backing and binding and click HERE for the Crystal Kit.

Grab your plates by clicking on the photo below!

Please call us with any questions as (702)563-8600. We would love to see you in shop this Summer, but if you can't make it we will be happy to get
them out to you this Fall!