June 21 - September 5, 2017

Join us for our third year participating in the Row by Row Experience!  Beginning June 21, 2017, visit our shop and receive a free pattern for our Row.  This year's theme is "On the Go", and we thought, what's better than taking time on your journey to "Stop and Smell the Roses"! 

Create a quilt using at least 8 different 2017 rows from 8 different 2017 participating Row by Row shops and be the first to bring it into a participating shop to win a stack of 25 fat quarters (6-1/4 yards of fabric!). Use that shop’s row in your quilt and win a bonus prize!

We have kits available to make the row, and we also have a "finishing kit" that turns the row into a bench pillow.  Kits are available for immediate in-store purchase only; or, they can be pre-ordered over the phone or online with an expected shipment date of November 1,2017.

Click here to pre-order our 2017 Row by Row Kit for shipment November 1, 2017

All new for kids… Row by Row Junior!
Do you know a young person you would love to bring into the fun of sewing? Kids can play too! When traveling with an adult, children ages 6-14 can receive a free row pattern.  Here are two of the patterns which we have made into kits that are available for purchase in the shop, or they can be pre-ordered online or over the phone for an expected shipment date of November 1, 2017.

Click here for more information about the Row by Row Experience!