While Wooly Block Adventure is not a new event, we are now a WBA Participating Shop!  This year Quiltique will be a new stop for you on your WBA travels.  What is this event you might ask?  Well, you are familiar with the summertime event, Row by Row Experience, right?  This is almost the same, just for the wool blocks instead of cotton rows.  The Wooly Block Adventure is to wool what Row by Row Experience is to cotton!  There are a few differences and also some changes to the program this year, but here are the basics:

  • Theme for 2017 is "Harvest Blanket"
  • Visit participating shops from October 16 thru December 15 to collect your FREE 8" wool block pattern.  Can't visit the shop in person?  Then order online from participating shops for $5.00.
  • Wool kits will be available for our block from 10/16/17 to 12/15/17 in store and online.
  • Stitching Challenge Period:  December 16, 2017 thru February 15, 2018.
  • To win:  Be the first at a participating shop to turn in your wool project during the Stitching Challenge Period, which must include 8 different wool blocks from 8 different shops.
  • Winner will receive a $25 Quiltique Gift Card and a Wool Fat Quarter (16" x 16")

If we haven't answered all of your questions here, then feel free to call us for more details or head over to 

If you can't stop by the shop then click for the PATTERN or KIT and order yours today!